Tohoshinki’s Yunho & Changmin grace the cover of “GQ JAPAN”

After a long hiatus from the Japanese music industry, Tohoshinki finally marked their return by gracing the cover of “GQ JAPAN” magazine.

While the shots were gorgeous, fans were more interested in the interview component, as it’s the first Japanese promotional effort the group has undergone with only two members, Yunho and Changmin.

The boys started off by commenting on their hopes for their career this year. Yunho said, “It’s been a while since we were able to resume our activities, so this will be very busy year for Tohoshinki.

Changmin stated, “From dancing to recording, it’s only the two of us from the the beginning to the end at this point. We have to make sure that all our activities could satisfy (the fans) with just the two of us. Therefore, the pressure we’ve been receiving has been getting bigger.”

Back in 2009, the group experienced a schism that resulted in three of its members leaving to form their own unit. The two who remained in the group had been working on solo activities in dramas and musicals. As the leader, Yunho mused over the revived activities of Tohoshinki. “The activities as a team would be the same (as before) basically, but I would say that my job as a leader became a little bit more manageable. It’s little easier to form our opinions, since we have only have two members now. We consult each other.

Although Changmin stated earlier that the group feels a lot of pressure, he believes that overcoming challenges will lead to better growth. “In order to take bigger responsibilities, I think we need to improve our abilities. Tohoshinki’s music alway needs to develop.

The duo will be releasing a new song titled, “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” which is being used as the theme song for ongoing drama, “Utsukushii Rinjin“. Commenting about the new song, Yunho said, “We’ve talked a lot about this song. We are confident about it, since we made it by giving each other ideas to make something unique.

Tohoshinki will be making their first Japanese music program appearance through TV Asahi’s “MUSIC STATION” on January 28th.



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