Which actors will fare the best in the military?

In an upcoming movie, “Comic Battle” by Director Lee Jun-Ik, there is a character who goes to the military twice.  In relation to that concept, a poll was created asking netizens to pick, “Which actor will do well in the military?

On the portal site Nate, this poll began on January 17th and resulted in singer/actor Rain receiving 68% of the votes and ranking 1st. Following Rain was Hyunbin in 2nd, Kang Dongwon in 3rd, and Kim Namgil in 4th. 

Also, on Cine21, another poll asked netizens to pick, “Who will fit the character of NamGun’s (played by Ryu Seungryong) Cold Pyongyang Man (a play on words with “Cold City Man”) the best?

In this poll, Hyunbin ranked 1st with 59%. Following him was Park Shinyang, Park Shihoo, and Ok Taecyeon.




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